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Abacoa, a planned community in Jupiter, Florida, 33458. Noted for its affordable single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, and shopping, Abacoa is a well-suited composition of numerous individual neighborhoods that provides many families local access to the many attractions of the Jupiter area, from its parks, golf courses to its spectacular beaches, intracoastal waters and of course, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Located in southwestern Jupiter, Abacoa homes are popular for their location among open green space and a friendly atmosphere.
Abacoa homes: a blend of family suburbia and tropical paradise. Here, people mix the typical, working, school and daily living, with the exotic from snorkeling among coral reefs to diving to ocean adventures. Real estate here accommodates people of all ages and income levels, the houses provide modern amenities, yet reflect the traditions from America's past. Communities are close-knit with alleyway garages, relaxing porches, community centers and neighborhood get-togethers. Shopping and services are usually within short walking distance.
Unique to these neighborhoods are the frequent Greenways, areas of preserved, natural Florida ecosystems that weave throughout the community. They provide attractive visual highlights, natural species protection and storm water management. People can enjoy the natural environments of Florida from the comfort of their own homes.
No small town would be complete without a town-center. Abacoa enjoys a unique Town Center where Restaurants, offices and stores blend with university campuses, an old fashioned main street setting and a local golf course to match the pulse of the Town Center to the rhythm of daily living.
Activities and sports are an integral part of life here with Roger Dean Stadium bringing baseball into the ebb and flow of consciousness everywhere. Abacoa, hosts spring training for the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, as well as the Jupiter Hammerheads and Palm Beach Cardinals minor league baseball teams. The stadium blends into the community, hosting and participating in community events and activities. Fireworks go off after games to the delight of children and adults alike.
The community commercial centers are situated near Abacoa's main entrances, providing plaza-style shopping with larger stores. Popular eateries include Rooney's, Suzie Q's, and Natures Way. The Abacoa Golf Club is a true community asset, shared by many who enjoy the open space without membership requirements, while still enjoying championship caliper golfing. The Abacoa stadium and town center are situated directly across from the two college campuses of the Northern Palm Branch of Florida Atlantic University and the Honors College. The scope of academic resources from these two colleges span academic disciplines from research to intimate individual, in depth learning environments.
Scripps research is also located in Abacoa as well as Wackenhut Corporate offices, providing additional local job opportunities for graduates. Education in Abacoa is well rounded out with an array of newly constructed and newer elementary, middle and high schools coupled with private schools of high caliper such as Jupiter Academy.

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